Save The Dates

I loved the “save the date magnet” trend but did ot want to pay what some places were asking. So this is what I did:
I went on and found a design I liked. They have tons of great designs and lots of inspiration. Then I recreated it Photoshop. I uploaded my design to a great find of a website, They have wonderful deals all the time. I had them print my design on to “promotional business cards” and attached business card magnets to the back and viola! I spent around $50 total and saved about $100!

Bridesmaid Newsletter

I sent out a newsletter to all of my bridesmaids to keep in touch. They loved it! Click the link below to download a copy of the template I made.

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Download File

Bridal Party Information Book

I made an information book to send to all of the members of the bridal party. I customized the front with pictures of each member with images I made through They turned out so cute!

Aisle Runner

I bought a plain aisle runner from for $11 and painted our monogram on it

Original Invitations

These were the original design for my invitations.

THE Invitations

 I had a completely different design in mind when I first started making these, but I love them. This was the most labor intensive part of the whole planning process. 



Half of the tables will have these centerpieces that I made out of dried grass, wheat and other botanicals, the other half will be candle arrangements.

Bridesmaid Bouquets